Final Statement

Netly has ended its service as a free Minecraft host.

On September 5th, Netly as a free Minecraft hosting service officially ended. This was due to multiple reasons, mainly the costs Netly had while not making profit, and the time it took us to run it. I decided to announce that we were going to shut down Netly. We have seen great community success with Netly. Over 13,000 users have registered for Netly, and almost 10,000 servers were created. Overall we are very proud of how Netly went. It came with great sadness when we had to make the decision to shut down Netly. Unfortunately we knew that we could not keep Netly running for much longer. It was costing a lot money, and was not making profit at all. For these reasons, it was unsustainable to continue Netly. Another main reason for me at least, was I needed to focus on school, and running Netly would have taken too much time out of my afternoon.

I would like to give a special thanks to the people that worked on Netly, and made Netly possible.
  • Rus
  • Jake
  • CT
  • Josh
  • Visc
  • sarveshgamers
  • Nyx
  • Blackslay
  • Abhiyash
  • Coder_Do_As_Impossible
Although I cannot list all the support members since many people joined and left, our support members contributed their time to Netly to help our users in their tickets.


If anyone is curious, I have linked an archived version of the Netly landing page before Netly ended service.
Archived Homepage